Chart 3

                              PARENTS                    GRANDPARENTS

Homer Gibbons,1782-1859 Joseph Gibbons,1811-1906

Martha South,1787-1832 Ely Williams Gibbons,1840-1922 Samuel Williams,1779-1856 Peninah Williams,1817-1888 CHART RIGHT Sarah Arnold,1782-1856 m. Nathan B. McGrew,1776-1840 Finley W. McGrew,1815-1890 CHART RIGHT Elizabeth Winder,1783-1844 Eliza Jane McGrew,1846-1918 Jacob Ong,1789-1861 Rebecca Ong,1818-1875 CHART RIGHT Hannah Davis,m. 1813


The persons at the left of this chart are the grandparents of Elma Clark.
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