Samuel Williams


Migrated from North Carolina to Ohio (presumanly part of the general migration described in the brochure for Jacob Ong's Meeting House in Mount Pleasant--indeed, both the Ong family and the Williams family were very early members of the Concord Monthly Meeting). Several families migrated together, and it looks as if the Arnolds were one of these, since both Samuel and Sarah Arnold were born in N.C., but not married until they were in Ohio.  Samuel's younger brother John grew up to become editor of The American Pioneer magazine, and wrote extensively of the hard life on the Ohio frontier.  Interestingly, John describes Samuel as sick and "weakly" at the time of the migration (leaving no strong men to build their cabin), but Samuel certainly lived a good long life, with heaps of children and grandchildren.  John's account of setting up life in Ohio, while revealing a somewhat pompous and intolerant character in the author,  is otherwise beautifully written and a wonderful window into our family's history in this period--thanks to brother Joe for discovering this and passing it along!  The "Our Cabin" link below prints the same excerpts from a longer account that reappeared in a more modern magazine, but the entire account is linked as well.  It is surely one of the most important documents I have ever seen for our family's history.