Joseph Gibbons

  • Joseph Gibbons photographed with daughter Martha Gibbons DeWies, also Mariana DeWies Binns, and her daughter Bertha Binns.  Taken in Barnesville, Ohio, ca. 1900. Photograph located by Ford and Nagle.


Said to be raised (along with his siblings) as totally illiterate and without education, in spite of the literacy of at least his father.  [Joe questions whether Homer Gibbons was in fact literate, and I can't immediately remember why I was so certain he was--I'll see if I can track that down.]

Joseph, Peninah, and their entire family were part of a much larger group disowned by the Short Creek Monthly Meeting (Friends) on November 19, 1862 for joining the Wilburites.  The McGrew family, into which Eli Gibbons was to marry eight years later, also made that switch at the same time.

Connie Abeln writes that Joseph Gibbons has an entry on page 634 of the Centennial History of Belmont County, Ohio, with lots of good information on Joseph and his parents, so I have sent for that.  She says that it reports that Martha South was from New Jersey.  Connie also notes that the article says Joseph Gibbons was a Quaker, but that Borden Gibbons fought in the Civil War.