Courses Taught

  • Psy 111. Basic Principles of Psychology. Overview of the fundamental processes common to all areas of psychology.
    PSY 201. Qualitative Research Methods. Alternative research methods in psychology will be considered, including interpretive methods, phenomenology, case studies, interview studies, and naturalistic observation. Prerequisites: 111 and 220. .50 unit.
    Psy 231. Personality Theory. Examines the development, structure, and functioning of personality as formulated by various theorists. Reviews research, assessment methods, and clinical applications associated with various theories. Considers psychodynamic, humanistic, trait, and cognitive-behavioral theories. Prerequisite: 111.
    Psy 243. Behavior Disorders. Consideration of the symptoms (diagnosis), antecedents (etiology), and treatment (therapy) of various forms of psychopathology, including anxiety, psychosis, personality disorders, and depression. Prerequisite: 111.
    Psy 250/Com250. Psychology/Rhetoric of Film. Examines the psychological and rhetorical qualities of film as they apply to filmmakers, audiences, and cinematic texts. An interdisciplinary approach integrates experimental, qualitative, and interpretive research from the domains of psychology, mass communication, film studies, and literary criticism. Identical to Com 250. Prerequisite: 111 or Com 212 or Com 242.
    Psy 332. Counseling and Psychotherapy. Survey of the theoretical and practical concerns involved in helping people with emotional problems, emphasizing both individual and group techniques. Includes a practicum. Prerequisites: 231 and 243.