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Stephen 'Skip' Dine YoungI am a Professor of Psychology at Hanover College in Indiana where I have taught for fifteen years. My interests in psychology grew out of my experiences as a nomadic Army brat when I was able to observe the many ways people lived. I eventually received my Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. At Clark, I studied development, therapy, symbolism, stories and movies. I am currently a licensed psychologist with interests in identity, college advising, and psychological assessment. Since my senior thesis at Miami University (Ohio), I have been combining my personal passion for popular cultural (particularly movies and music) with my scholarship. I believe that movies can be "equipment for living"--they can take on personal meanings for viewers that impact our everyday lives (hopefully for the better). In addition to watching movies, I like to interview people about the movies that have had a particularly powerful impact on them (or if you let me, I will go on and on about my own favorites). I am also obsessed with the music of Bob Dylan and have published and presented on Dylan's impact on his audience.

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Book Description: All movies are psychologically alive, exploding with human drama. This drama can be seen from many different angles-in the movies themselves, in the people who make them, and in the people who watch them. Psychology at the Movies explores these issues and addresses how psychologists have interpreted movies and how psychotherapy and psychopathology have been depicted in film. The author also examines the psychological make-up of legendary directors, such as Hitchcock, Scorsese and Woody Allen, and actors such as Angelina Jolie and Jack Nicholson. Also considered is the powerful impact that film can have on its audience. The author draws upon his extensive experience in the fields of film and psychology to reveal the deep connections between the fantasy world of cinema and the realities of everyday life. Engagingly written to appeal to academics and movie fans alike, Psychology at the Movies is a front row ticket to issues at the forefront of popular cinema and the human mind.

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