Mary _______ (McGrew)


The identity of this person, James McGrew's first wife and the mother of all his children, remains in dispute, and definite documentation one way or the other would be welcome.  My brother Josh, in his research, encountered the puzzling circumstance of genealogical charts that were identical in every way except for the last name of this Mary.  The two choices are Finley and Dick/Dicks/Dix.  I don't know of anyone who has produced any record of a marriage between James McGrew and Mary Finley, and the "Mary Finley McGrew" who appears in Quaker records lived too long (to 1766) to have been James's first wife, according to Phyllis McGrew Walklet.  Ms. Walklet does have evidence of  Mary Dick marrying "James MacGrau" in Wilmington, Del. on 25 April, 1735--time and place are appropriate--and she makes a persuasive case for the latter.  I will try to spend a little more time with this before committing this page one way or the other, but at present the Finley evidence appears weak, and the designation might easily have resulted from a similar guess that James's mother's maiden name was Finley--which is actually a more plausible reason for the large number of males in the family with that given name, since James's older brother was the first of these.