James Winder


The Episcopal marriage in colonial Maryland suggests a non-dissenting Anglicanism in this branch of the family (James Winder's parents, Thomas and Sarah, immigrated from London)--for the time being at least (James and Elizabeth's granddaughter Elizabeth married the Quaker Nathan McGrew almost 60 years later).  Joshua Smith, who discovered the marriage record, writes:  "Strangely enough, no other evidence of Winders or Sherwoods exists [in Parish records there], which seems to indicate that they were temporary Episcopalians or they moved elsewhere.  As we know, people in Frederick ended up in Fayette and Adams [Counties, Pa.] and vice versa."

A note from distant cousin Connie Abeln:  I noticed James Winder in your tree, because I saw his name recently in the DAR register.  He was the James Winder who was born about 1720 and died 15 Aug 1789 in Washington County, Maryland.  The DAR lists him as patriot A202233, for signing the oath of fidelity and support to the new government during the American Revolutionary War.  That means all of his female descendents qualify for the Daughters of the American Revolution, and all his male descendents qualify for Sons of the American Revolution, if anyone is interested.  (Only three of his descendents have signed up for the DAR so far, and those are all through his son James, by Elizabeth Sherwood.)  This may be another symptom of the "non-dissenting Anglicanism in this branch of the family" noted under Elizabeth Sherwood's entry!