Historical Documents on this Site

(listed chronologically by the period of origin or the main period of reference)

1558:  The will of Henry Rolfe.

1604:  The will of Alice Rolfe.

1625:  The will of John Rolfe.

Related to the Rolfes:  Travel Notes on Whiteparish and Downton, Wiltshire (1999 visit, with photos)

ca. 1800-1810:  Quite a bit of illustrated information on Jacob Ong, the builder of a Quaker Yearly Meeting House and on the Quaker migration to the Ohio Territory around 1800.

1800-1843:  The 1843 account by magazine editor John Williams of the Williams family migration, in 1800, to the Ohio frontier.

1862-65:  An account (illustrated) of Charles T. Clark's Civil War experience.

1888:  A photograph of the 1888 Reunion of the Ohio 125th (the photo is at the end of the account mentioned above.

ca. 1900:  A photograph of  Joseph Gibbons.

1911:  Charles T. Clark's funeral eulogy.

ca. 1929:  Photograph (probably senior h.s. picture) of Elma Clark.

1936:  Photograph of Avery Smith on his N.Y. Parks Dept. golf permit.

1971:  Salisbury Times column on Avery Smith's work with youth.

1987:  Photograph of Avery Smith on the eighteenth hole at Royal St. Andrew's, Scotland.

1989:  Worcester Democrat article on testimonial dinner for Avery Smith.

Ong's hat
Wm. and H. Smith's wills
Vassar notes
A. Smith articles
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A photograph of my great grandmother, Eliza Skinner, on her page.

A 1936 photograph of  J. Avery Smith on a New York Parks Dept. golf permit (signed by Robert Moses!) and a 1938 photo of Avery and Elma with their firstborn; both from the collection of my sister Kathi.