John Coddington

According to Miles Gordon's notes, fought in the Revolutionary War, as did his brothers Archibald and Benjamin. Then this cryptic and ambiguous statement: "All three brothers married a Mary Coon, of Coon Town, Somerset County; they were cousins."

A variant spelling of Coddington is Corrington, and John Corrington applied for a Rev. War pension, with the support of Somerset Co. officials and his clergyman, on Aug. 15, 1832 (other signatures extending the process through Feb. 18, 1833. I have copies of the second and third page of a typescript of the application, the bottom of which appears to begin another narrative about Mary Corrington in 1853 (unless this was just her signature and a typo for 1833); I think these came from Joe. Does anyone have other pages from this document? In any event, the application is based on memories--it says he has no documentation--and indicates that he served a total of eleven months, on and off, under Captains Moffitt (guarding the shore at Elizabeth Town), Taylor (in the Battle of Springfield), McCoy (at home in Somerset Co.), and Logan (watching "the trading along the line" at Scotch Plains).

I previously stopped the Coddington chart at this point, being mildly concerned about the 50-year difference in age between John Corrington/Coddington and his son-in-law. But Josh assures me that the generations are essentially correct as they now appear on the chart, as John took a wife much younger than himself and had children at a relatively advanced age.

The information on youngest daughter (I assume there were others not listed here) Mercy comes (in 2003) from her descendant Kathy, who is interested in learning who Cornelius Smith's parents were.  In the Mt. Horeb community, I would bet that this Cornelius has to be either William's brother or William's first cousin.  Does anybody know which?