Sir Richard Anderson (Senior)

NOTES:  I am writing now in the summer of 2003.  I had previously written off this section of the chart as extremely dubious, since I had a natural skepticism about marrying us into the royal family, so to speak (Mary Spencer's family is connected to Diana, the late Princess of Wales)--and the dates didn't add up.  But I have received new information from Ernest O. Vincent, based on a book by his cousins tracing Ponder-Teague genealogy, which also goes back to these Andersons.  According to that book, my dating problems resulted from leaving out the second Richard Anderson; with that generation restored, the Spencer connection works fine, so I am posting Mr. Vincent's information as the best I currently have.  No doubt there is more biographical information to be found on these "nobility," so I will gradually get around to adding those stories.
        CAVEAT:  According to information on a genealogical site at the University of Hull, Mary Spencer and Sir Richard Anderson were the parents of two daughters, Anne and Bridget, and not of the children cited in the Ponder-Teague book.  As Richard Anderson is a common enough name that there might even be more than one knight of that name, we should remain careful about the Spencer link.  Extensive genealogical information at the Spencer family's own site does not resolve the issue, as it does not list the offspring of Mary and Sir Richard.  That site does, however, provide valuable biographical information on the family members, should this link be established beyond doubt.
        So far, the additional information on Sir Richard is that he was of Pendley (Penly) in Hertfordshire and had a sister named Mary in addition to family named above.  The wedding date above is from the old LDS chart, not the new information.