Astrophil and Stella, Sonnet 54

Because I breathe not love to every one,
      Nor do not use set colors for to wear,
      Nor nourish special locks of vowed hair,
Nor give each speech a full point of a groan,
The courtly nymphs, acquainted with the moan
      Of them who in their lips Love's standard bear,
      "What, he!" say they of me; "now I dare swear
He cannot love; no, no, let him alone."
      And think so still, so Stella know my mind!
Profess, indeed, I do not Cupid's art;
But you, fair maids, at length this true shall find,
That his right badge is worn but in the heart.
      Dumb swans, not chattering pies, do lovers prove;
      They love indeed, who quake to say they love.