Astrophil and Stella, Sonnet 40

As good to write, as for to lie and groan, 
     O Stella dear, how much thy power hath wrought, 
     That hast my mind, none of the basest, brought, 
My still-kept course, while others sleep, to moan. 
Alas, if from the height of Virtue's throne 
     Thou canst vouchsafe the influence of a thought 
     Upon a wretch that long thy grace hath sought, 
Weigh then how I by thee am overthrown; 
     And then think thus—although thy beauty be 
     Made manifest by such a victory, 
Yet noblest conquerors do wrecks avoid. 
     Since then thou hast so far subdued me, 
     That in my heart I offer still to thee, 
O, do not let thy temple be destroyed.