Astrophil and Stella, Sonnet 11

In truth, O Love, with what a boyish kind
    Thou dost proceed in thy most serious ways:
    That when the heaven to thee his best displays,
Yet of that best thou leav'st the best behind.
For, like a child that some fair book doth find,
    With gilded leaves or colored vellum plays,
    Or at the most, on some fine picture stays,
But never heeds the fruit of writer's mind:
    So when thou saw'st, in Nature's cabinet,
Stella, thou straight look'st babies in her eyes,
In her cheek's pit thou didst thy pit-fold set,
And in her breast bo-peep or couching lies,
    Playing and shining in each outward part:
    But, fool, seek'st not to get into her heart.