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Jared Bates
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Hanover College
517 Ball Drive, PO Box 890
Hanover, IN 47243

307 Classic Hall

812.866.7257 (Phone)
812.866.7229 (Fax)

These are the classes I teach regularly.
Phi 166 Reason and BeliefPhi 234 Rational ChoicesPhi 321 Formal Logic
Phi 333 Philosophy of SciencePhi 334 Philosophy of MindPhi 335 Epistemology

Links below are to manuscripts of my published papers. Journal reprints will be emailed on request. View my PhilPapers or Academia.edu profiles.


"Damming the swamping problem, reliably," dialectica 67 (2013): 103-116.


"A defence of the explanatory argument for physicalism," Philosophical Quarterly 59 (2009): 315-324.


"The old problem of induction and the new reflective equilibrium," dialectica 59 (2005): 347-356.


"Reflective equilibrium and underdetermination in epistemology," Acta Analytica 19/32 (2004): 45-64.


"Comments on Foster's 'On Tarski's theory of logical consequence - a reply to Bates,'" Southwest Philosophy Review 16 (2000): 191-194.


"Etchemendy, Tarski, and logical consequence," Southwest Philosophy Review 15 (1999): 47-54.

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