Psy 113S: Psychology & Science Fiction

Instructor: Dr. Bill Altermatt
Office: 155 Science Center
Office phone: 812-866-7318
Office hours: 1-4 MWR, 1-2:30 TF

Time & Place: 9am-noon in SCC 137


This course uses classic and contemporary science fiction films and literature to explore aspects of mental and social life. Although our primary focus will be on psychological issues (artificial intelligence, consciousness, emotion), the course also explores what makes us human and our love-hate relationship with technology.


Example of an Exceptional Essay 1


Date Reading
W, 5/1 Dennett (8 tall pages)
R, 5/2

Shelley (ch. 10-13, 21 short pages)

F, 5/3 Shelley (ch. 14-17, 26 short pages)
M, 5/6

Gunz (all 6 pages)

R, 5/9 Asimov (42 short pages)
M, 5/13 Dick (48 short pages)
T, 5/14 Miedaner (5 short pages)
F, 5/17 Egan (15 short pages)


Most of the readings are in password-protected Adobe PDF format. If you have trouble opening the file, you may need to set the default PDF viewer for your browser to Adobe's viewer: Instructions for Firefox. Instructions for Chrome.