Research Reports Winter 2005

Below are the results of studies conducted in the Winter 2005 semester by students enrolled in PSY 220: Research Design and Statistics. I forgot my camera on the day of their presentations, so unfortunately I've only got photos of the posters themselves. Click on the links below to view Powerpoint presentations of their results.

The Effects of Weight on Perceived Compatibility within Couples

Margaret Coggin, April Schweinhart, and Adam Fauver

PowerPoint presentation of results


A Double Standard in Partner Abuse

Elizabeth Broady & Alexis Palfreyman

PowerPoint presentation of results


The Relation Between Involvement In College Activities And The Ability To Multi-task

Lindsey Hummel, Rachel Weisenbach, & Heather Osterman

PowerPoint presentation of results


Religious Conservatism, Sexual Knowledge, and Sexual Experience

Sarah Maurer, Alexis Rose, & Sarah Vogt

PowerPoint presentation of results